DUI/DWI Arrests

Many people underestimate how damaging and disastrous a DWI/DUI conviction can be. DWI/DUI convictions are public records and thus accessible to your employer, your friends, and anything else doing a background search on you.

Prohibited Activities

The government has the heavy burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that you were in fact intoxicated while driving a motor vehicle. While police officers often suggest that your behavior was illegal and place you under arrest, the arrest itself or the scary statements from the police officers do not prove anything.


Will you lose your driver license? Will you go to jail?

Your sentence will depend on whether or not you took a Breathalyzer Test, whether the police had a reason to stop your vehicle, and whether you are accused of committing any other offenses while being intoxicated.

If you did not take the Breathalyzer test, the critical question is whether the police videotaped you during your arrest and whether your behavior suggests that you were intoxicated and unfit to control a vehicle. Even if you appear to be intoxicated according to an existing arrest video or the statement of the arresting police officers, we may be able to provide acceptable explanations for your erratic behavior during the stressful arrest.

If you took a Breathalyzer Test, we may challenge the test result. Scientific evidence exists that suggests that Breathalyzer machines are not always accurate. However, the government cannot base its charges on inaccurate results. We will carefully review the Breathalyzer test results and may be able to confront the police with errors.

If the police had no legal reason to stop your vehicle in the first place, there is a good chance that all evidence gathered following the stop (e.g. the Breathalyzer test results, the arrest video etc.) can be suppressed as illegal evidence.

You see, even if you think that the police “got you,” our experienced lawyers often know ample of ways to successfully challenge your DWI/DUI arrest.
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